Snacks for Schools: Blix Elementary

April 17, 2017
by Anne Jones

Last month we had our 2nd Snacks for Schools gathering, and I can’t say THANK YOU enough! People have been showing so much love for our local students and teachers — and they have expressed such gratitude and appreciation for your generosity. Let’s keep it rolling!!

This time we collected donations for Blix Elementary, which is one of Tacoma’s newer elementary schools, having opened in 2002. Located off of East 38th Street, between McKinley and Portland Avenue, Blix serves nearly 500 students, and currently operates with a free and reduced lunch rate of 84%.

They are known for their Dual Language program, which encourages lifelong bilingual skills (vs. the “English as a second language” or ESL programs that many of us think of).  Blix students feed into First Creek Middle School and then nearby Lincoln High.

We had lots of donors who dropped off snacks or money ahead of our event, so the boys and I were able to deliver a carload of groceries to the school, and stock their reserves (for now).  Teacher Tara Howard gave us a quick tour of the building and we got to see many of the projects the students were working on and also meet principal Jennifer Cooper. Office Coordinator Autumn Falk mentioned that they can always use extra clothes and changes of clean underwear for their students, so keep them in mind next time you’re donating gently used items!

Our next gathering will be on April 23rd at Red Elm Cafe in Hilltop. Get the details on that by clicking here!  Our 3rd Snacks for Schools gathering will be raising donations for Lister Elementary, also located on Tacoma’s Eastside. If you can’t make that, perhaps you can join us for our 4th gathering, happening on Cinco De Mayo!

**Statistics don’t tell the whole story about the work being done in our schools, so we encourage you to reach out to a principal, parent or teacher at the school you’re considering to learn more about what the programs and culture is like there. Don’t know who to call? Let us know if you need an intro and we will do our best to help! Not sure which Tacoma school serves your neighborhood or a neighborhood you are considering moving to? CLICK HERE to look it up by address.