Getting outside and enjoying Tacoma in the Fall!

November 12, 2015
by Anne Jones

Just because the temps have dropped and the skies are grey doesn’t mean you can’t get outside!

One of the wonderful things about Tacoma are the various Metro Parks that allow you to feel in touch with nature…and then 10 minutes later get in touch with a really amazing cup of coffee.

Tag along as Marguerite and I wander through Point Defiance, which at 760 acres is one of the largest parks in the country!  You can walk, ride, kayak, hike, roll or drive your way through this urban oasis.  Popular destinations include scenic 5-mile drive (made famous by the annual Sound to Narrows race), the Pagoda, the off leash dog park, Owen Beach (where you can rent kayaks) and of course the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Point Defiance was just recently connected to Ruston way by a new trail that opened in September.

On our way to Wright Park we stopped along Ruston Way, which has always been a popular destination for walkers and joggers (and once upon a time, roller bladers). Wright Park is a particularly special destination in the Fall because it is home to more than 138 different species of trees — many of them deciduous.  Who are we to resist frolicking in the leaves?

While we were close to downtown we also took the time to pay a visit to the University of Washington Tacoma campus (known here as UWT) where we pop by artist Michaela Eave’s studio space.

And when it was time to warm up we chose the relatively new Old Town restaurant, Montamara Kitchen. Serving Valhalla coffee and boasting a fantastic brunch menu on the weekends, this place has won us over!

Where’s your favorite place to get outside in Tacoma? Let us know by leaving a comment here or tagging me on Instagram or Twitter. My handle is @tacomajones and I look forward to connecting!

— Anne