Things I Love About Tacoma…A Visual Map

May 22, 2014
by Anne Jones

So without question, one of the most enviable parts of my job as a Realtor is that I don’t sit behind a desk all day. (In the Winter, when it’s pouring rain, this is much less of a perk). On a typical day you can find me roaming the streets between appointments and seeking out Tacoma’s most beautiful homes (check out those out here on  Instagram).

Well, it seems that Pinterest has a really cool feature that allows you to create a real-life treasure map! By cross referencing your Pinned photos with Foursquare, you can create an interactive map. I thought this would be a great way to introduce out-of-town visitors to the city I love, and I’ve started a list of my favorite parks, restaurants, public buildings and (of course) coffee shops.

The best part? I’m just getting started and I already have 62 pins! I’ll be adding more as I capture the photos, and would love to get your input on what places you’ve visited (and whether you think I should too).

What's So Great About Tacoma?

What’s So Great About Tacoma?