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Sandwiched between University Place and Central Tacoma, Fircrest is a small city with a surprisingly strong identity. Bordered by South 19th Street to the North, 40th Street/Alameda to the South, Mildred/67th to the West, and Orchard Street to the East, the city has approximately 6,600 residents.

Initial development of Fircrest began in 1907, and the town was incorporated in 1925.  The city’s green spaces have always defined the community.  The Fircrest Community Center & Swimming Pool was built in 1960, and the Fircrest Golf Club goes back to 1923 — almost as far as the city itself!

The Community Center is a hub for weekend activities, with some type of athletic event or celebration scheduled for almost every weekend throughout the year. Some of the most popular events include Fircrest Fun Days, National Night Out, and the annual Derby races held downtown. Most homes are within the Tacoma Public School District, although some homes at the South end of the city are within University Place’s boundaries.