Becoming a Landlord

August 29, 2014
by Anne Jones

Homeowners become unintentional landlords for a variety of reasons (think: job transfers, divorce, new babies, etc.)  However, thanks to the robust rental market here in Tacoma, we’ve been hearing from many people who are renting their homes by choice. If that sounds like you, but you don’t know where to start, listen in to this discussion with my good friend Marguerite (aka the Skydiving Agent).

And although this video is NOT about renting your home for the 2015 US Open, if that is something you’re interested in please visit for more info. Because you can totally rent your home for $10,000 per day. (Kidding, but if you live near the course you CAN rent your home and have somebody else deal with all of the headaches!)

And as always, if you have additional questions after watching the video please feel free to reach out with a text or call to: 253-444-8481